5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Working in a Small Town

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Working in a Small Town

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Big cities have a lot going for them. They’re fast-paced, there’s lots to do, there are many great places to shop, and so much more. While these things do come with a high price tag, living and working in a city can be extremely beneficial, and for many of the skilled dermatologists who work for U.S. Dermatology Partners locations in larger communities, it’s the right choice for their lifestyle and practice goals. However, we encourage dermatologists to take a closer look at the many opportunities and benefits associated with working in a small-town community. In this blog, we’ll walk through five reasons many dermatologists love working in a small-town dermatology practice.

1 – Family Oriented

Small towns are wonderful places to raise families. Smaller communities often have numerous outlets for entertainment geared toward families. Not to mention better school districts and more funding for extracurricular activities within schools as well as club and private organization activities for young people. In a small town, school class sizes tend to be smaller, which means students may have a better experience in the classroom and more one-on-one attention from their instructors. This can lead to them developing better learning habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Small towns know that families will be their bread and better. This translates to more entertainment, dining, shopping, and other businesses that are centered around being welcoming to families. Additionally, many dermatologists who work in a small town find that other physicians and staff in their practice place a high value on their family time resulting in an environment that is conducive to focusing on family and loved ones.

2 – Lower Cost of Living

All the benefits of big city life come at a premium. You end up getting a lot less home for your dollar. Property taxes tend to be significantly higher. Utilities, food, fuel, and just about everything else you need to live life is going to cost a little (or a lot) more in a big city. Dermatologists who work in a small town are often shocked at just how much money they save each year on necessary expenses, which they can then turn into more savings for retirement, fun trips and experiences with family and loved ones, or just generally investing in those little luxuries they may skip out on if they had to budget for big city cost of living.

3 – Less Traffic

If you live and work in a big city, you are going to deal with traffic. In bigger cities there are more cars and people on the streets, so whether you walk, drive, or use public transit to get to your job, there is always going to be an added layer of time spent on your commute because so many people will be commuting around the same time. In a small town, traffic will be significantly lighter, even during peak morning and evening hours. This will save you time and stress. Instead of dreading your daily commute, you can look forward to getting to work quickly each day and getting home in the evening without any stressful bumper-to-bumper traffic to contend with.

4 – Patient Saturation vs Physician Saturation

This one may seem counterintuitive, but even though there are more people in big cities, that doesn’t always translate to a bigger pool of patients. That’s because big cities typically have more dermatology practices, leading to a physician-saturated market. Small town communities have fewer dermatology practices, which leads to a patient-saturated environment. That translates to practice schedules staying full, so dermatologists don’t have to worry about getting enough patients through the door to make their practice successful.

5 – Building a Reputation & Relationships in the Community

Finally, working in a small town allows dermatologists to get more easily involved with their local communities. If participating in local government, charitable organizations, and other community-building endeavors is something that matters to you, it can be easy to make a bigger impact in a small town. Because living and working in a small town makes it possible for dermatologists to get more easily involved with their community, they can quickly build a solid reputation, become well known in the area, and foster important relationships that lead to career-long local partnerships and support. In short, small towns allow physicians to become the go-to dermatologist who people in the community know they can rely on both in and out of the practice because their dermatologist is someone who cares about their community.

Why Work for U.S. Dermatology Partners in Our Small-Town Communities

It’s no secret that running a successful business is one of the concerns many dermatologists have when starting a practice in a small town. U.S. Dermatology Partners allows our dermatologists to enjoy the many benefits of a small-town dermatology practice without worrying about their ability to find patients, negotiate managed care rates, manage billing, or just run a successful business. While our dermatologists maintain full clinical autonomy at the practice level, our organization takes care of the functional areas of the business such as billing, managed care, compliance, marketing, and human resources. That means, when you’re at work, you can truly focus on your patients and their needs. When you go home for the day, you can be home with your family and loved ones without worrying about running a business. Additionally, U.S. Dermatology Partners has been in many of our small town communities for years and sometimes decades, which means there are existing local partnerships with physicians, hospitals, and the community at large that ensure practices can thrive as part of the small-town community. And, if you yearn to practice in your hometown and U.S. Dermatology doesn’t currently have an office location there, let’s start a conversation.  We are expanding access through our Outreach Program to underserved communities. Take it from Dr. Megan Lent from our Chillicothe, Missouri office. She says, “I wanted to move back to my hometown so I could be closer to family and raise my children in a safe, small-town community. U.S. Dermatology Partners made that happen. It’s wonderful to have their support and assistance with maintaining the business aspects of our office so that I can focus on caring for my patients during my working hours and enjoy my personal time with my family when I’m away from the office.”

That’s all without mentioning U.S. Dermatology Partners’ partnership approach to dermatology. Our dermatologists work individually with their patients, and they have the autonomy to set their own scheduling templates, treatment offerings, and so much more. While some offices may be solo practices, others may include a team of physicians and providers. Our dermatologist partners often say they feel like the atmosphere in the office is communal, knowledge-sharing, and teamwork-oriented rather than competitive. If this sounds like the right dermatology practice environment for you, we hope you’ll consider looking into our many current job openings in practices and places of all sizes.

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